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 Mare's condition determines sex of foal.

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PostSubject: Mare's condition determines sex of foal.   Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:25 am

There was a topic posted on a rescue forum today that I visit on a bi-daily basis with the subject.

Mare's condition determines sex of foal. I haven't had much experience outside of working with six stallions at an Arabian farm, my one stud colt who never bred and my one paint stallions. But what I do notice about their foals and foals my friends have is two things, I can't decide if I agree or not to this.

For example. An Arabian stallion I worked with threw beautiful foals but you never knew what you were going to get. Actually there's two of them. Looking at the condition of the mares he was bred to, I would be forced to agree that the mare that was bred who produced a colt was in better condition when she was bred and throughout most of her pregnancy that the mare that produced the filly.

Example 2: Blu Eyed Handsome Man. We are working out the specifics because I don't have record of all foals he produced but I know that out of his 20 known foals, at least 85% of them were fillies, regardless of the condition to the mare.

So here's my question, other than the links I'm about to post below, is there any research that is going into this? Or theories?
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Mare's condition determines sex of foal.
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